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New Institutional Economics

We are sad to report that Masahiko Aoki, professor à the University of Stanford, and member of the scientific committee or ESNIE passed away in Palo Alto on July 15, 2015. Masahiko Aoki is famous for his contribution both to the economics of the firm and to the economics of institutions. In his renowned book on the economics of Japanese firm in 1988, he highlighted the complementarities among corporate governance regimes, labor relations, and specialization. In his book published in 2001, “Toward a Comparative Institutional Analysis,” he explored how these complementarities extend at the institutional level, and might explain both various patterns of capitalist/market economies, and the challenges for institutional evolutions. Not only Masahiko Aoki was a great scholar, he was also a very kind and very open-minded person. He paid a great deal of attention to new ideas and pushed young scholars to develop them sharply so that they can be influential in the academic world. He was also seriously concerned by the capability of academics to deal with real world issues and to contribute to decision, hence his interest for the economy of Japan and China. He was still productive and engaged in several projects. He will remain an example for the members of ESNIE, and will certainly miss us.

Recruiting: a PhD student and a Post-doctoral Fellow in Economics/Management

The Chair "Governance and Regulation" at the University Paris-Dauphine is recruiting a PhD student and a Post-doctoral Fellow. Candidates must have a solid background in economics (institutional and organizational economics, industrial organization, political economy, law and economics) or management (strategy and organization), and be familiar with applied analysis. Expertise in the economics of regulation or non-market strategies is preferable but not required.

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Calls for applications

The Ronald Coase Institute
Tel Aviv Workshop on Institutional Analysis
December 13-19, 2015 Tel Aviv, Israel
Co-sponsored by the Cegla Center for Interdisciplinary Research of the Law,
Tel Aviv University Buchmann Faculty of Law
Buchmann Faculty of Law
Apply by August 20, 2015 - application form.


Using rigorous scientific methods, New Institutional Economics (NIE) focuses on the analysis of the economic impact and on the evolution of co-ordination devices: institutions, organisations and contracts. Main subjects of investigation cover issues that are essential in the design of efficient public policies and firm strategies. NIE put emphasis on applied analysis to confront the theory to facts to enrich the former accordingly. In addition, it is based on multi-disciplinarity to stimulate cross-fertilisation among political sciences, anthropology, sociology, management sciences, law, and economics.

The goal of ESNIE is to make PhDs and Post-doc aware of the recent development in NIE and to train them in using rigorous methods. In addition, they will benefit of intensive networking aimed at stimulating future exchanges and co-operation among participants and to favour the integration of young researchers in the research community.

Scientific Committee

Masahiko Aoki (Stanford U.), Ronald H. Coase (U. of Chicago), Massimo Egidi (Luiss U.), Jean-Luc Gaffard (U. Nice), Claude Menard (U. de Paris I), Bart Nooteboom (Erasmus U.), Douglass C. North (Washington University), Rudolf Richter (U. of Saarlandes), Oliver Williamson (U.C. Berkeley), Frank Stephen (University of Manchester)